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Amend Notice of Proposed Suspension


一、刪除第三大點 “擬暫時中止生效日期”章節的部份文字,內文如下:

Delete some text of the proposed effective date of the suspension, the text as follow,

「Your organic certification is proposed to be suspended for a period of ( ). The suspension will become effective on ( ). if a response to this notice of proposed suspension is not received in this office within 30 days of receipt of this notice.

如 貴經營業者未於收到此通知30天內回覆本公司擬暫時中止 貴經營業者之有機驗證資格將暫時中止()時間,自()起生效。」

二、刪除第四大點 “Impact”(影響)章節的部份文字

Delete some text of impact, the text as follow,

「If your certification is suspended, you will no longer be able to sell, label or represent your products as organic for a period of (). Reinstatement for certification must be requested from USDA Secretary of Agriculture, and will only be considered for certification if the noncompliance has been corrected and your operation had undergone an inspection to verify that your operation is in compliance and capable of remaining in compliance.  to the USDA Secretary of Agriculture, and the request must be accompanied by evidence demonstrating correction of each noncompliance and corrective actions taken to comply with and remain in compliance with the Act and the regulations.

如 貴經營業者之驗證資格被暫時中止,貴經營業者之產品在()時間內將不能以有機名義銷售、標示或展示。恢復驗證的要求應向USDA農業部長提出,惟此要求需證明所有不符合事項已矯正,且已經驗證機構查驗,確認作業已符合法規。」


新版發行日:2019/09/18 (v2.0)

Effective day: Sept. 18, 2019. (V2.0)


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